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There is a struggle between unconscious fear and conscious bravery at work here, and we will see individuals that are proactive and forceful when stable in their structured support systems. Their goals will be reached through strict policies and leading roles are achievable but often very demanding. The entire imagery might lead them to forget their inner child with all its desires and beliefs, this leading to the grip of the past and melancholy they cannot explain.

To refill their batteries and feel as powerful as they are, they must spend enough time alone, in meditation, prayer and a routine that will be healthy and support their body and mind. Wings of freedom seem to be shot down to bring food to one's table, and the inner pressure of achieving stability might be a burden standing in the way of achieving their true goals in life. An aggressive approach could prove fruitful for their everyday lives and what they need to survive, but they are to find balance between their instinctive needs and bare survival, and the magic of life they feel in their heart to exist.

November 14 Zodiac

Their vulnerability is needed to connect with Nature and its numerous cycles, and gives them wings to fly. The purpose in lives of those born on November 14th is to break through and break free, until they take the high road and do what is extreme, eccentric and different from choices of other people. They are pointed towards personal freedom, authenticity and that special place where their tribe is to be found. Obstacles are set in their path for a reason, because they have the energy and common sense to resolve them.

Once they embrace this fact and start searching for solutions outside of their comfort zone, they will achieve innovative and incredible things. In time, team work will inspire them to grow, and good friends by their side will give them the support and faith they need.

Your Astrological Chart Cusp

With intense personal stories and stories of ancestors waiting for their turn to be set in place, those born on November 14th have some trouble holding on to healthy boundaries when connecting with other people. They could be a bit cold and distant or overly invested, struggling with their own restrictions and bringing them onto those they love from best possible intentions.

November 14 Scorpio Personality

Building enough flexibility for varieties of life is their main priority, as it opens doors for unusual relationships that come out of long-term friendships and intimate bonds that never seemed to stand a chance. Their romantic involvements could be too far from real, or too rational to enjoy, and balance comes as a consequence of tries and failures in the past. They learn their lessons as they move along and discover their strength to commit long-term, never leaving their loved one even when times get rough.

As they build a sense of value to their true strengths instead of feeling inadequate for holding their grip, they are ready to commit and form bonds that might last a lifetime when the timing is right and all pieces of the puzzle are finally in their place.

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A strong sense of responsibility in those born on November 14th can make them excel in high-risk positions that others would gladly avoid. Scientists, programmers and innovators, they have a way with equations of life that is rare to find. Scorpios born on November 14th may benefit greatly from working with crystals in general, and one of the best stones for them is creedite.

November 14 Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality |

It is known to lift one's vibration to higher levels and expand awareness of the real world and its opportunities. Bringing a deep sense of inner peace, it alleviates depression and stress, relieving the tension of the outer world and helping them seek guidance within. It helps overcome barriers that stand in the way of moving forwards.


You put great determination into looking out for the interests of your loved ones and you take the same willpower into all aspects of your life. When you meet a challenge that you care about, you wont stop working until the job is done and your goals have been achieved.

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  • In a way you are much like a forceful river; stubborn and determined. Your emotional awareness allows you to realize the feelings of others, who you can engage with understanding and compassion. Embrace the positive qualities of water, as they will play a key role in personal development. Your unique planetary combination makes you far more caring and sensitive than the other Scorpio Decans. You can be quite self-sacrificing when the needs of your loved ones are concerned. Although you may need the same nurturing that you give so freely to others, you choose not ask for it.